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USDF Region 2

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin 

Primary Member (PM) Delegates

A PM delegate represents the interests of all USDF Participating Members within their respective region on the USDF Board of Governors (BOG).

PM delegates vote on governance issues at the BOG General Assembly held at the USDF Annual Convention, as well as issues that may arise throughout the year.

PM delegates communicate with their Regional Director to stay informed on important regional and national issues, as well as with the Participating Members within their region whom they will be representing on the BOG.

USDF Region 2 PM Delegates:

NAME Email
Paula Briney
Kristi Fly
Debra Garris
Sue Hughes
Catherine Jacob
Bonna McCuiston
Susan Posner
Jennifer Roth
Joann Smith
Barbara Soukup
Jennifer Truett
Nancy Wentz

You can learn more about PM Delegates and how they are nominated and elected at the USDF PM Delegate FAQ.

Bios for each PM delegate nominee will appear in the June issue of the USDF Connection magazine, or you can read the bio's online here.